About Me

My name is Mike Southerland. I have been in IT since 1988. I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1993. I moved to Guthrie, OK in 2006. Since that time I have been a web developer in the Oklahoma City area. I love Guthrie. There is such a hometown atmosphere here. Local businesses serve our population in a neighborly and very friendly way. My desire is to be an integral part of this tight knit community. When my family and I first moved here in 2006, we had five young children. As of now, three of those children have now grown up and moved out. Two of my grown children have chosen to raise their families right here in Guthrie, OK. My daughter, Brittney, married Landon Hastings. Together they started Local Details, an auto detailing company in the heart of Guthrie. Landon’s Guthrie roots run deep, as his family has been here for generations. I am proud to have joined the Guthrie family and I am pleased to offer web development and support services to the many hometown businesses in this thriving community.