New Website Development:

I can design a modern website that will grow your business into the 21st century. All of my websites are mobile friendly. Whether you want to provide a friendly face to your hometown community or whether you want to open up sales to the world, your website is often the first impression folks have of your business.


Support for Existing Websites:

Maybe your current website is meeting your needs, but you don’t have the time to manage it yourself. Free yourself to do the things that you have a passion for, and let me handle keeping your site up to date. This may include updating pricing, adding pictures, adding blog posts, doing backups, or whatever day to day web based activities that distract you from doing your “real work.”

About half of my career I was involved with “Interactive Voice Response” systems and other computer telecom systems. While it sounds complicated, it’s really quite simple. This is when you use a computer and a telephone together. Many larger businesses have call centers whereby they employee an army of customer service agents to serve their customer over the phone. Businesses of all sizes have used automated systems to answer phones and supply information that can be very repetitive for business owners to answer, such as providing hours of operation or physical address. Still others may have more than one location, with a single number to dial. They like to give their customers the option to choose which location they are trying to reach. If any of these solutions sound like they can help your business, drop me a line and let’s see how we can make your phone think like a computer.